Coach Color Style Abbreviations Chart

Have you ever tried to figure out those Coach purse color abbreviations on your tags? They can be like a puzzle! Here's a few charts with some of these abbreviations that can be found on your Coach price tag, usually on the upper right hand corner. Let's talk about the color abbreviations. Coach uses these codes for each section of material used on the purse or accessory. For example, if you have a Hamptons Signature Checkbook Wallet with Brass hardware, khaki fabric and Camel leather, the color abbreviation would likely read as follows:

BKHCA (top right circled) The style abbreviations would be: HMP SIG CKBK (bottom circled)

Coach Price Tag Color Abbreviations Examples

The color abbreviations usually follow an order of Hardware, body, leather. So in this example we have B-Brass hardware, KH-Khaki body and CA-Camel leather.

You'll also find that some colors will be followed by a number like: B1. Although the example above does not use a number after the hardware color, this is particuarly common in brass hardware. Numbers will also follow in some fabric or leather colors such as Pink. (P1) It just represents a different shade. Exactly what you need for perfect matching of your Coach collection!

Using these color abbreviations is particuarly useful for shopping on eBay when you need a perfect match. When you need to be absolutlely sure it's a Coach color match just ask the seller for these abbreviations and make sure it's what you need, the same as your tag or the color chart. Often sellers will be very vague with colors. An item that is Mahogany may be listed as Dark Brown because the seller doesn't know what the "Coach" color is.

There are also some abbreviations commonly used on the tags for describing specific styles and collections. In our example tag above we have HMP for Hamptons, SIG for Signature and CKBK for Checkbook. The word wallet as you can see is spelled out but it certainly can be abbreviated too. There is no 100% consistency on these style abbreviations but the color ones are almost always the same.

These style and collection abbreviations aren't very important at all for matching but they can be useful and are nice to know so I've added some of them in the second chart. Often people will purchase a not so common wristlet or other item and never really know what it is specifically called. This chart might help you out with that.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to find a matching Mini Skinny for that signature bag you love so much! You've got the chart with your Coach color abbreviations so let's go shopping and get matching!

Coach Color Abbreviations

BGBottle GreenIYIvoryPPPunch Pink
BKBlack KLCoal (Koal) (Black)RARaspberry
BWBlack WhiteLELeaf (Green)RBRuby
CDCardinalMCMulti-ColorS or SVSilver
CMCinnamonMJMagenta JasperTFToffee

HPHot PinkPHParchment (white)



Coach Style Collection Abbreviations

CHE ChelseaJCKTJacket
EWEast WestPATPatent
HMLHand Milled LeatherSLPSlip


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