Basic Coach Wallet Style Types

There are basic Coach wallet style types among the many different collections and lines of Coach wallets available but we can break them down into a few basic categories or groups to give you a better idea of what you are looking for when shopping for a Coach wallet. When we speak of a collection we mean a particular line such as Hamptons or Legacy or Ergo. Usually a style is meant to describe the way a particular wallet functions or how big it is. For example, a checkbook wallet is a large wallet with an extra book and compartments just for your checkbook. This type of wallet almost always has features such as the checkbook holder, lots of card slots, pen holder etc, no matter what collection it's from. So while a Hamptons Signature checkbook wallet would look different on the outside compared to a Legacy checkbook wallet, the features would still be the same. We are going to focus on and compare the basic style or types of Coach wallets here rather than the particular collections they are from.

Full Size Wallets

We'll look at 4 different full size wallets. A full sized wallet is one that has plenty of card slots, misc pockets, a secure compartment for change and will hold your checkbook. They don't bend or fold and are usually around 7 or 8" x 3.5 or 4" or close to that. We'll look at the check book wallet first.

Coach Checkbook Wallet

This wallet is big and hold a lot of items. You need at least a medium sized purse to carry it comfortably. They are generally a snap shut front with a zippered expandable compartment on the back. Inside are about 6 card slots and usually a clear ID window too. Two paper money sleeves and a misc sleeve. The removable checkbook insert holder will have a pen loop holder and at least one but usually two open sleeve pockets for misc paper items. These wallets are great if you have a lot of shopping related papers like credit cards, license, coupons or gift cards. And there's plenty of room for solid items such as keys, coins or even a slim phone or calculator. This is a Hamptons Signature Checkbook Wallet in Khaki with Tobacco leather trim. (Shop for Coach Checkbook Wallets)

Hamptons Signature Checkbook Wallet KhakiCoach Checkbook Wallet Inside and Insert HolderCoach Hamptons Signature Checkbook Wallet Back

Coach Slim Envelope Wallet This wallet has about the same features as the checkbook wallet but no checkbook holder inside. You can still carry your checkbook in this wallet but you'll need to take it out to write the check and no pen holder. Often there are 10 card slots but no clear ID window. Two paper money sleeves and they usually expand giving you more room. A possible compartment for your checkbook if you wish or a lot of coupons! One open misc sleeve pocket which is made for the checkbook and the front of most of these wallets has an open compartment pocket that is covered by the flap. The back usually has an expandable compartment for coins ect with a secure zip shut closure. The wallet is usually a snap shut front flat type. Much lighter than the checkbook wallet but still a full sized wallet by all means. It holds a lot! This is a Coach Optic Signature Slim Envelope Wallet in Raspberry. (Shop for Coach Slim Envelope Wallets)

Slim Envelope Wallet Optic RaspberryCoach Optic Signature Slim Envelope Wallet Inside Card SlotsCoach Slim Envelope Wallet Inside Paper Money Sleeves

Coach Accordion Wallet These wallets are usually a zip around style which when unzipped leaves the wallet open so you can see everything in it looking down. Very expandable. A unique design with lots of room. There are usually about 10 card slots and 2 or 3 misc open sleeve pockets inside. A paper money and another slot for checkbook or more money or papers. The zippered coin compartment is usually inside and center leaving your 2 sides with easy to see card slots. No ID window. Often an open pocket on the front or back. Slender and sleek. This particular wallet is a Chelsea Pebble Leather Accordion Wallet in Black. (Shop for Coach Accordion Wallets)

Chelsea Blk Pebble Leather Accordion Wallet FrontCoach Accordion Wallet InsideCoach Chelsea Black Pebble Leather Accordian Lying Flat

Coach French Purse

The French purse is more of a wallet or a clutch. (Rather than a purse) It holds a lot and we're going to go ahead and call it a full sized wallet even though it's technically in a class of it's own. The biggest difference with the French purse and full sized wallet is that you cannot put a checkbook in it. There are usually about 8 card slots, 2 misc sleeve pockets and usually 2 paper money sleeves depending on the collection. There is a coin compartment that is usually inside and rather large so you can fit a lot of other items in there. Sometimes you'll find an outside compartment for the coins. This particular purse is a Hamptons Khaki Signature Framed French purse with Hot Pink leather trim and Brass Hardware, style 6K11. It has a kiss lock closure for the coin compartment and a standard snap shut front. Not all French purses by Coach are framed liked this one. (Shop for Coach French Purse Wallets)

Coach Hamptons Signature Framed French PurseFramed French Purse Wallet InsideFramed French Purse Wallet Coin compartment
Small Compact Wallets

Coach Mini Wallet These little wallets are very compact but can hold more than you might think! They are a tri-fold which makes them nice for small purses. They generally measure about 4-1/2 x 3 inches. Inside is one paper money sleeve. Six card slots and two misc sleeve pockets. There is a coin compartment on the back with either a zipper or snap shut closure. They are adorable and you'll be surprised how much you can carry in them. Great for someone who doesn't need a whole lot of extras and needs a small wallet with a practical design. This Coach mini wallet is a Hamptons Signature with Gold leather trim, style 6K05. (Shop for Coach Mini Wallets)

Coach Hamptons Signature Mini WalletCoach Mini Wallet InsideCoach Hamptons Signature Mini Wallet Open

Coach Mini Skinny Wallet The Coach Mini skinny is more of a coin purse than a wallet but it must be included as it is very unique, wildly popular, super cute and incredibly functional! There are several styles and versions of this keychain wallet combo. The vast majority of these little wallets measure approximately 4 x 3 inches. They are designed to fit your business or credit cards and license securely by being nice and snug on the outside open pocket. Some Mini's have 2 outside open pockets. Some have none, but your classic basic Mini Skinny has at least one. They all have a zip top closure for the main compartment which is expandable and an attached keychain. The key chain can be tucked inside or left dangling outside. Inside you can easily fit paper money, coins and a few other items. Even a small cellphone will fit! There are so many styles in each collection of these Mini's that you can get addicted collecting them! They are affordable and they make a fantastic gift for any occasion. This is a Coach Chelsea Signature Mini Skinny with Tobacco Leather trim. (Shop for Coach Mini Skinny Wallets)

Coach Signature Chelsea Mini Skinny Khaki with Tobacco TrimCoach Mini Skinny Inside ViewCoach Chelsea Signature Mini Skinny

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