How to Wrap a Coach Purse in Signature Tissue

Have you ever bought a Coach purse from a boutique or factory outlet and tried to duplicate the beautiful wrapping job they did with the signature tissue? Some people can figure it out quite easily but most of us can't! This video will show you how to wrap your Coach handbag, wallet or any accessory like a pro!

Coach Signature Tissue Wrapped Purse

Who hasn't gotten a great deal on eBay when buying a Coach bag as a gift or for yourself? Often the wrap jobs on these items are not too pretty or the item is not wrapped at all. Learn how to gift wrap your bargain bag so that it looks like a million bucks!

Don't be shy about asking a seller for a few extra sheets of tissue and stickers. Usually the tissue is no problem and often the stickers will be available too. If you buy something at the Coach store be sure to ask for extra tissue and stickers. They will usually give you some and then you can save it for when you buy something on eBay and no tissue is available.

You can sharpen your wrapping skills by practicing with a sheet of newspaper. Don't use a coach purse to practice with as the ink will come off the newspaper. Use an old bag or wallet or anything shaped like a bag or wallet would be fine Or you can place the Coach item in a plastic bag first and then use the newspaper. It will usually take a few practice runs to get the feel for this so don't be shy about practicing if tissue is not readily available.

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