Search Tips for Coach on eBay-Effective Strategies

With the tens of thousands of Coach purse listings on eBay everyday there is a good chance the bag you are searching for is listed. But where? It can seem overwhelming with all those search results. The thing to keep in mind is that the eBay search engine only sorts by two things. What you write in the search box and what the seller has written in his title. Here are a few great search tips you can use when shopping on eBay, especially when you have a pretty good idea of what you want.

The great thing about finding Coach purses and accessories on eBay is that a lot of sellers use the style number found on the price tag of the item in their titles. This is a great help in many ways. If you know that particular number there is a good chance you can locate your item quickly. For example, just typing in "Coach 40670" (don't use the quotes) will produce a small list of Signature Mini Skinny's in that style. This is always a good way to start if you know the number. Often the style number on the tag will have something like: FS40670. The FS is not usually listed and I recommend not using it unless the search produces little or nothing. Then just add it to the search box and try again. If an item is hard to find use both in two different searches! That way you won't miss one just in case someone listed it with the letters.

What if you do not know the style number but are pretty sure of what you want and what it looks like? In this case, first try a more generic search like Coach Signature Mini Skinny. Of course this is going to bring up hundreds of mini's but you can search for the picture of the particular one you want and see if they use a style number in the title or description. Chances are pretty good you'll find a listing of the item you are looking for that has the style number in the description or the title. When you find it, just copy it and do another search like "Coach 40670" (do not use the quotes) Now you will have a much smaller targeted list of what you are looking for and that makes it a lot easier to stay focused on finding deals when shopping!

Let's say you've found the item but no style number. There are only a few of the item listed but for whatever reason, price or whatever, you aren't interested in those. If you had that style number you could do another search and maybe it would pop up. Or even do a search in a day or so with the number and it would be there. But you don't have the number! You need to get it and an effective way can be to do a "completed listings" search.

This is available to any eBay member. This tool is often overlooked and it's a very good tool! To illustrate it we'll use the example of the mini I've been using here. Do a search for "signature mini skinny" (without quotes). Now you have your list of these mini skinny's. Even though you've done this before and there are no style numbers or pictures of what you wanted, you will get a NEW list of items for your search term when you do a "completed listings" search.

To do so simply look to your left (assuming you've done your search for signature mini skinny) and you'll see a link for "completed listings." Simply click on it. Now you will have a big list of all the signature mini skinny's that ended in the past month. Most of these will be from listings NOT found in your first search of active listings and there's a good chance you will find the number you want or the correct name of the bag you are looking for. Once you have it you can search the active listings over the next few days with your new information.

Another little known search feature is the adding or eliminating of words in your search. For example, you may be looking for and do a search for "Coach Signature Wallet". This will likely bring up 1,000 or so listings. That's too many if you know what you want! Suppose you don't want a Mini Skinny. You want a full sized wallet. By putting this into the search box Coach Signature Wallet -(mini,skinny) you will eliminate hundreds of listings that have the words mini skinny in them.

You can go further too. Items such as a French Purse are often listed as wallets. But you are looking for a classic, traditional large signature wallet so you know you can eliminate the mini's and the french purse too. By doing a search like this: Coach signature wallet -(mini,skinny,french,purse) By doing this you've just shaved off another 200 listings or so and you can do this with quite a few words. Some other words you might want to ad for this example would be clutch, wristlet or men's.

To do this type of search you simply type in your normal search. Skip one space and add -( Then do not skip any spaces after the ( and proceed to add your words separated by a comma. No spaces! End with a ) and you're good to go! I think you can add about 10 words which is more than enough to do a good search. You can do the same thing with +( which simply adds your extra words to the search instead of eliminating them. Usually you will want to eliminate though. It works better.

When you are searching for something specific and a little hard to find you must keep in mind how the seller might think and how the search engine works. We take for granted how well the eBay search tool works but it is only as good as the title the seller uses and the words you put in the search box. When you experiment with more refined search techniques such as these you will be ahead of everyone else in finding exactly what you want while saving more money too!

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