Coach Signature Purses

Coach signature purses are possibly the most sought after bags on the planet. Women in every major city around the world can be seen carrying these beautiful bags slung over their shoulders or around their arm. From hobos to satchels and swing packs to totes, the wild popularity of the Coach signature pattern has led to the production of a massive variety of styles, shapes and colors. Most of these signature purses are made of a high quality water and stain resistant Jacquard material.

While stylish, these coach purses are also easily maintained. A smudge of dirt is often cleaned up with mild soap and water and a damp cloth. This also applies to most of the leather trim. Of course, you should always check the care card for your particular purse but generally speaking, the majority of coach signature purses are easily maintained, well made and should give you many years of enjoyment.

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Mini Signature, Optic & Scribble Patterns

With the popularity of the signature pattern, a new look was born. The mini signature pattern! This pattern is simply the same signature C's but in a mini size! When viewed from a distance this fashionable pattern gives a completely new and distinctive look from the standard signature pattern. While there are many available colors in both patterns, most of us associate the classic signature pattern with kahki and you will find the black and white mini signature pattern a very popular choice as it compliments almost anything in your wardrobe.

The Scribble pattern on the Hamptons collection can also be considered signature. This lively looking pattern can be found in floral and pastels. The C is less uniform, larger than the regular signature or mini signature and just runs free on the bag with no rigid pattern! A great summer or spring pattern. Another signature pattern is the Optic. This is a really cool looking weave that gives the illusion of a glow like moving pattern in the right light. Like an optical illusion! A very elegant pattern with lots of life springing forth!

Whatever your preference of signature pattern, these bags, wallets and mini skinny's are all made with stylish, low maintenance fabrics. The colors and styles are many and the deals can't be beat! Check out these Coach signature purses right now while the deals are hot!

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