Coach Umbrellas

Every woman needs a Coach umbrella in her fashion arsenal. The umbrella, or parosal, has been around since Egyptian times approximately 4000 years ago. Although serving it's purpose they were bulky and inconvenient. But that is history and today in this century we have Coach umbrellas! Not only are these umbrellas practical, but they are beautiful. With such a great variety of styles and patterns to choose from, you will be sure to find what you need to suit your fashion needs.

The standard cane umbrella is still a popular choice for some women. It is always visible and will compliment any outfit or bag. The end, or cane part, is often tucked inside the top of the bag and carried that way.

The tote umbrella is probably the most popular. The obvious reason is it's size. It will fit into any medium sized bag and can be stored in the glove compartment of your car. Most of the Coach umbrellas have a detachable wrist strap. The craftsmanship is outstanding on all styles and they are always reliable and easy to open.

With many styles to choose from such as the scribble, optic, signature or scarf print pattern, you will find what you need. Bring on the rain and enjoy your Coach umbrella!

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