Coach Planners, Agendas & Address Books

In today's busy world we all need our own personal planning agendas and nothing is more fashionable than a Coach planner. Like all Coach products, these planners come in a variety of sizes, styles and patterns to suite your needs. There are the slip jacket and spiral bound versions. The most common and most popular is the slip jacket. All of the calanders, note pads and address books can be purchased and replaced with each new year. There are basically 3 sizes.

The smallest measures approximately 3 x 5 inches and holds a small diary calander and sometimes an address book. There is usually one extra slot for papers. Sometimes a pen is included and this size fits in any purse. Very cute and easiy carried. These tend to be thick for their size, sort of short and stoudt.

The medium size measures approximately 4 x 7 inches and holds a diary calander and address book. There's usually two sleeves for papers and of course the books are bigger. There is usually a pen holder and this size still fits in most purses. This size tends to be sleek and similar to a checkbook wallet in size and thickness. A little more room than the small and slightly larger calander squares.

The large is usually around 6 x 8 inches, holds a diary calander, address book and note pad. The Coach calander sized for this holder will have more than a square but rather a few lines for each day for leaving yourself notes. There are usually 3 sleeve pockets for papers and almost always a pen is included. The pages are nice and big. This is not something you would typically carry in your purse as it is heavy. (but you could if you had a big purse, and many working women do!) It makes a great desk top agenda and will often last a lifetime and then some!

A combination of supberb craftsmanship and practical everyday usefullness makes these Coach diary planners a great addition to any womans list of accessories or a very unique, quality gift for any occasion.

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